1. Using industrial 32 bit PC-BASE control system, high stability & reliability.
  2. Chinese and English bilingual operation, user friendly guided dialogue. Easy to learn & operate.
  3. Simple eroding editing , even only need current and depth commands entry.
  4. During sparking, self-adjust sparking condition to ensure better performance. Easy to operate.
  5. Turn the machine on, the original sparking codes showed. Push sparking ON to carry on the job.
  6. ZNC, PNC can link the external orbit-cut for enlarged & fine finished caving machining.
  7. High technology optical component and CNC control for anti-interference and precise application. Linear scales be used for accurate position control.
  8. Module-design system, easy for maintenance, high reliability and high stability.
  9. DDS: Digital discharge system total digital discharge system, high sparking efficiency, fine finish surface.
  10. ADE: Absolute digital equal capacity discharge system. Absolute digital equal capacity discharge, better working performance got, quicker up 10-20%, and lower electrode wear ratio about 20-50%
  11. DSD: Digital synchronism discharge recognizer system supervising the sparking status, automatically modified eroding parameters to get the best result.
  12. POWER MOSFET used, let the machining total-digital controlled for sparking.
  13. Sparking OFF during retracting. Quicker speed than other brands. Double sparking avoided.
  14. High security function, when electrodes short and discharge voltage too low, prevent the electrode and mold from damage.
  15. Sparking stability command and retracting up speed command can be adjusted separately, convenient for application, especially for the eroding ability with large area electrode.
  16. High power & high frequency PWM seve motor drive system used for high sensitivity of sparking.


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