•   The one-piece construction base with modular box design and optimun support maintains the machining accuracy.
  •   The construction base with optimum rigidity support design is proved by ultimate analysis that can guarantee maximum       loading on worktable and heavy-duty cutting.



  •   The spindle position is designed with symmetrical to center that provides stability of temperrature level. Moreover, the           short transmission system design reduces the heat conduction and extends the machine’s life expectancy.
  •   X-axis and Y-axis is adopted THK linear roller guide ways.


High Horsepower, High Rotational Speed, High Stability

  •   35-HP spindle motor, 6000RPM two-steps automatic change gear box.
  •   Output torque of 642Nm (ZF gear box), offers capability of low-speed heavy cutting and high-speed precision cutting with     extensive process range. (For demand of higher torque, please contact with our sales department).


Auto Tool Change System

  •   Y-axis travel: 1,600mm/2,100mm/2,600mm
  •   Z-axis travel: 1,000mm (standard)
  •   Z-axis travel: 800mm (option)
  •   Width Of Table: 1,500mm/2,000mm/2,500mm


Unique X Axis Transmission System

  •   Advantage of direct transmission leads that the leadscrew can rotate with no influence from belt tension.
  •   Direct transmission with speed-reduction mechanism is added to X-axis to increase the transmission torque, the thrust,         and the capacity for workpiece weight.
  •   Z-axis is adopted oil pressure balance system and building in pressure saver which supports smooth and stability for               acting in Z-axis.
  •   These three axis motors are adopted direct driven design that provides no back interstices as well as increases the                     machining effciency and accuracy.